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Accreditation & Affiliation

HOLY SPIRIT INSTITUTE COLLEGE (HSI COLLEGE) is authorized and approved to grant Academic Certificates by virtue of the Federal constitution of Malaysia under Article 11, clause 1,2 & 3 (a,b,c) and Article 12 (clause 2 and 4,) of the Federal Constitution (Under the legal covering of ASSEMBLIES OF CHRISTIAN@AOC) & The Government of Thailand ( Under the Legal covering of THE SEER & APA FEDERATION FOUNDATION, Ayutthaya)

Concerning accreditation; the value of an accredited university accredited bible college, or accredited online seminary degree is subjective, depending on the amount of work that went into earning it, the student’s attitude and aptitude, and external circumstances related to the school itself or to the graduate’s working world.

You should be aware that many Christian Private Schools, Bible Colleges, and Seminaries chose not to be governed by  the Malaysian, Thailand &  U.S & Countries' Department of Education. They do not seek Regional Accreditation, which is more common among Secular Colleges and Universities.


Christian Educational Ministries are automatically exempt from the dictates of both the Government and secular accreditation agencies.HOLY SPIRIT INSTITUTE COLLEGE, like other Christian Education Ministries, has full theological accreditation which is recognized and respected as an acceptable form of accreditation for those in pursuit of ministry-related avocations.HSI COLLEGE  is both an internationally authorized and theologically accredited institution of higher learning. Most accredited universities, accredited seminaries, accredited Bible colleges, and accredited colleges have their own criteria for recognition and acceptability of on line educational credits. The individual should always address specific questions to selected institutions in determining their particular criteria concerning accreditation.


HOLY SPIRIT INSTITUTE COLLEGE@HSI COLLEGE is an educational outreach pushing the Great Apostolic Commission and sending laborers into the harvest field. Our College began to operate in 2007 as under the brand APA COLLEGE and changed its name to our present brand in 2014. HSI COLLEGE is planning to plan as many branches of distant learning centers on many newly planted ministries, churches, schools, and Christian organizations in over 94 countries including the United States, Latin America, Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.


Government Approval

We are recognized under the federal constitution of  Malaysia & the Government of Thailand, as a Religious Organization with all rights and privileges as provided by law.


Governing Body


Registrar of Society(ROS)  Certificate number: PPM-009-12-18022016


(company number: PPG/2019/15441

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Membership & Endorsement (Individual membership)

European Distance  & E-Learning Network (EDEN)

Networking Christian Scholars & Institutions Worldwide (INCHE)

Association of Independent Christian Colleges and Seminaries (USA)


Under the process of membership with:

United Nation Education Impact


Associated with:

The Seer & Apostle & Prophet Asia Federation @APA FEDERATION (Thailand)

Assemblies of Christian @AOC (Sabah, Malaysia)



Affiliation & Collaboration with Bible Universities-Colleges

1.Winning Souls Bible College (Pakistan)

2.Breakthrough Bible International University (UK & Kenya,East Africa)

3.Grace International Bible University (USA & Liberia,Liberia ,Africa)

4.University of Great Commission (Kohima, Nagaland.INDIA)


Dr.Patrick Njuguna
BIBU University ,Kenya.Africa
Bishop Dr Rudolph Q.Kwanue Sr
Grace Bible international University,
             Liberia Africa
Bishop Dr D.L.Sanchu
University of great Commision
Rev.Dr Asher Salamat
Winning Souls Bible College
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            Certificate of Registration


               Membership Endorsement by
European Distance & E-Learning Network
Dr.Cosmas Zgambo
Africa Special Envoy

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