Dr.Joh Seer @ J.Loudin ,P.hD,D.Div,D.Th,D.Min
HSI Chair & Professor of Divinity cum Pneumatologist
Author of "The Paraclete,Holy Ghost- 1st Chronicle"

HSI college's Professor & Lectures

Dr.Jamie R Seer - P.hD,D.Div
Professor  in Divinity - Thai Language 
Area of specialization: Linguistic & pastorial
Dr. Cosmos Zgambo Ph.D., D.Div
Honorary Professor @ visiting Lecturer
Area of specialization: Pneumatology
Author of "The Holy Spirit in Bible History"
Ps.Conrado A.Directo Jr
Visiting Lecturer
Area of specialization:
Christian Apologetics
Dr.Mugume Bagambaki
Ph.D.- (Metaphysics & Divinity)
San Diego State University
Honorary Professor@Visiting Lecturer
Area of specialization:
Christology & Ecclesiology
Author of: "The Holy Spirit & the Early Church
He also Authored numerous books
Dr. Muzamai Muzamai, Ph.D., D.Bs
Honorary Professor @visiting lecturer
Area of specialization: Biblical studies
Author of " spirit of sonship in bible history"
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