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~Its an online distance learning Bible seminary,
~Its a Divinity School,
~Its a Clergy Seminary
 It's a Bishop's College
~Its the school of the Apostles & Prophets
~ It's a platform to gain access to Ordination & Ministerial Licensing 
~We confer an Honorary Doctorate Award to them that are qualified






HOLY SPIRIT INSTITUTE COLLEGE (Formerly known as APA College ) offers the best courses helping the student to prepare for the Ministry. Our mission is the Great Commission. We expect to plant many HSI Extension Colleges all around the world, hopefully in every city!

Our commitment to offer nothing but the very best is reflected in course of studies with the emphasis always on expanding the Kingdom, one soul at a time. We exist because of the Great Commission and we are very grateful to our instructors who have made us what we are today. We now strive to take our organization to the next level so that we can help our students to prepare for the Last Day Harvest.

HOLY SPIRIT INSTITUTE College is designed to push the apostolic & prophetic mandate forward and is dedicated to providing quality education to students from a broad spectrum of educational, cultural, economic, and religious backgrounds.

Our goal is to aim at offering an education that does not just inform our students. To us, education has always been a mind, body, and spirit affair. By the time they leave our portals, our students are ready to take up their responsibilities in their chosen professions, prepared at a level that can only be called ordained of the Lord. HOLY SPIRIT INSTITUTE COLLEGE desire to open a Distant Learning Centers all around the globe 

Holy Spirit Institute was founded by Dr.Joh Seer in 2007. The name "Holy Spirit Institute " was being focused on emphasis on the doctrine of Pneumatology and did not tell who we were or what we are doing. So, to better identify our mission,  the name was changed to HOLY SPIRIT INSTITUTE COLLEGE. Our enrollment has increased since that time.

HOLY SPIRIT INSTITUTE COLLEGE is currently offering a 90 % Distance learning online bible school (off-campus), emphasizing on Systematic Theology and its student required to do their final thesis course at the designated on-campus site.


Should you need any further details about HOLY SPIRIT INSTITUTE COLLEGE, please do not hesitate to contact us at our whatApps:





Governing College body :

WBCF ASIA - PPG/2019/15441



ROS Registration: PPM-12-18022016

BSP JOH SEER- PPG/2019/7951


Professor  Joh Seer@J.Loudin - PhD,D.Min
 Chancellor & Trustee 
College Email :
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